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The Power of Perception

Week 4

I love getting around people who challenge and enlarge my perspective of the situations and circumstances in my life. 

Perception is a powerful thing. It is how you interpret the world around you. Your workplace, your conflicts, your family or your environment. We all have a lens with which we see our world. 

How you see things determines how you respond to them and while not everything is under your control, your perception of it is. 

Heres the deal - we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.  

You change your perspective by informing it. Here are a couple of things to inform your perspective with. 

Faith: Is your lens on life faith filled, creative, opportunistic, positive, believing the best despite the reality of obstacles or challenges in your life?  

Focus: In any situation there a number of facts. Our emotions tend to blur the facts. What you focus on gets bigger. I can often enlarge the negative facts but the key is making sure in any situation your balanced, and you are focusing on the right things.

Follow through: This is the result of good perspective and perception. It is how you deal with what you see, feel and what happens in your world. Its how you navigate difficult decisions and bring about the right response. 

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