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Utilising a combination of psychometric assessments and tools including: 

Emotional Capital Report 360 (RocheMartin), Clifton Strengths , Hogan, ExPI.

Our assessment approach is fundamentally different from traditional personality testing. Instead, we focus on growth-oriented psychometric assessments which are skill-based and designed to identify specific leadership gaps and competencies that teams can learn, improve, and grow in.

“Capital Consultants left an indelible mark on our sales and leadership journey, particularly in how our teams relate to customers and how we shape our management team culture ”

Andrew Quinn

RVP of Sales (ESMB EMEA)


"In a world that holds its breath awaiting the full impact of AI, the real game changers will be those who had the foresight to develop their Emotional Intelligence. Capital Consultants help you hone your EQ skills so that you can take on all challengers and enjoy the fruit of victory more often."

Robert Carley

Global Wellness Advocate


“ Capital Consultants afforded me the unique opportunity of developing my leadership through EQ - shedding light on many unexplored personal aspects and helping us reposition as a team"

Brad Keller


Keller Education

'Capitals' team workshop and consultations were not only formational for our team interactions, but also foundational in how we now engage with our customers'

Wess Coetzee


13 Nutrition

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