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Building Confidence for Life

Week 1

We often fail to try new things or take on new challenges because we don’t ‘feel’ confident enough. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 3 that we have confidence through Jesus.

Here is the thing I am learning about Confidence:

Confidence is not held. Confidence is built and it’s built over time.

You can build confidence in any area ( yes... any area) if you're willing to try! Here are four simple ways you can build Confidence in your life today: 

1. Start with Courage 

Courage is the starting point on the journey to confidence. Starting something for the first time requires the most courage. Whether entering a new environment, speaking publicly, asking someone out on a date, starting a new career or leading a new team - Courage is needed each time you face a new challenge. 

2. Get Competent

Many of us face challenges with our confidence because we lack competence in that area. You grow confidence by simply building your skills. In other words – practice, hone your skill, put in the time and ask for feedback at what you want to be more confident in. 

3. Increase the Challenge 

The opposite of challenge is complacency. As humans, our natural default is to settle. A life principle I’ve adopted is ‘I’m getting better’. Meaning where I am currently at, is not where I will continue to be. That means continually increasing the challenge. With each new challenge, a new level of competence and courage is needed. 

4. Maintain Consistency 

Building confidence in your life is doing the above... again and again! It's consistently being courageous, getting better and increasing challenge. You may not notice it over a week or even a month but over time your confidence in your gift or ability will grow significantly. 

Keep going. Baby steps. You will get there.

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